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Track Listing:

            ROADHOUSE PRELUDE (:28)
1.         DRIVER (4:28)
2.         GASOLINE  (3:46)
3.         FUNKYWORLD (4:06)
5.         RED DRESS (4:16)
6.         ALLEGHENY BLUES  (4:18)
7.         THE PRECIOUS SONG  (4:36)
8.         DA MOON  (5:36)
9.         GIBBONSVILLE (USA BOOGIE)  (4:34)
10.        BRIGHT SIDE  (4:33)
11.        DA SUN (4:29)
12.        $2 BILL (2:08)
13.        ROADHOUSE  (4:28)



A biography

Joey and Johnny Precious were born in a sub-basement of Mike's Roadhouse Café, a Louisiana strip club located in the Algiers district of New Orleans.  The boys were abandoned by their father after attempting to explode his truck.  Their mother, Chantilly, continued stripping and dancing at Mike’s Roadhouse and caring for her sons until the New Orleans Division of Child Services - on a tip from the Algiers Police - investigated.  Finding the Precious brothers locked in the damp cellar, undernourished, and clothed in women's garments donated by the strippers, the N.O.D.C.S. immediately placed them in St. Mary Magdalene’s Home for Orphaned Boys.  By ages 7 and 6, Johnny and Joey had been arrested four times, compiling a "rap" sheet that forced the Louisiana prosecutor's office to sentence the children to five years in the infamous Eastham State Prison Farm in Texas.  "Dem boys was the woist kind," offered Del Jenks, Warden (Retired).  "They had that sweetie-pie look, but ya turn yer back on em, an dey'd just as sure huit ya bad!"

Being the youngest people in the free world to ever be imprisoned in a maximum-security facility proved to be a blessing in disguise for Joey and Johnny.

Writer/Biographer, Wally Capote was permitted to interview the children for his new book, The Sensual Male. Using their charm and learned street smarts, the brothers, now 11 (Johnny) and 10 (Joey), played on the sympathy of the fragile writer who took their story to the ACLU. Capote convinced the court to place the boys in his custody by threatening to expose the Eastham Prison chew-tobacco scam.  (See Texas prison scandal,Newsworld; Issue1145). 

Launched into the lap of luxury, the brothers were moved into Capote's Fifth Avenue penthouse in New York City where they quickly found themselves relegated to "Party Boys" for the writer's celebrity friends. Lewd pictures of Johnny and Joey surfaced in the National Globe News. Their eyes blacked out to protect their identity, the boys were pictured serving cocktails to the rich and famous and dressed in bikini briefs and white cuffs.  Capote was arrested, and once again the Precious Brothers were sent to a state care facility, this time in Los Angeles, California. There, model/actress/diet spokeswoman, (name withheld), was told about the Precious Brothers by her manager/agent.  She immediately set out to adopt the boys.  Using her millions of inherited dollars from a previous marriage, the woman was awarded (for a fee said to range in the upper six figures) custody.  It was there that Johnny befriended one of the hired workers around the palatial estate.  Bouregard J.J. Johnson was the head groundskeeper and he immediately took a liking to Johnny.  It is said that Johnson, in fact, was the catalyst for the entire Precious Brothers phenomena, as he was an accomplished blues guitarist who introduced that genre of music to Johnny.  For years, Johnny and J.J. would sit sipping whiskey and playing the blues along with brother Joey.  

One evening, when Johnson was convinced he had taught the brothers everything they needed, he told them it was "time to take it to the road."  Johnson failed to realize that in their colorful, but sheltered existence, Joey and Johnny had no idea of what "taking it to the road" meant.  So, grabbing their guitars, they said their goodbyes and got jobs as long haulers, truckers who navigate 18 wheelers from one coast to the other.  The boys spent almost six years on America's highways.  At any dive that would have them, they would break out their instruments and play for the locals, honing their craft to a sparkling, gutsy jewel of Americana testosterone-loaded rock and roll.  Ironically, it was at Mike's Roadhouse Cafe the boys were discovered.  By now, Chantilly Precious had aged beyond the point of stripper desirability.  Mike, the owner and an ex-lover, kept Chantilly on as head bartender/booking agent for the Roadhouse.  

Joey and Johnny had an overnight in New Orleans, and they scouted the area's clubs.  Chantilly barely recognized her sons as they entered the place.  Brandoesque in their leathers and attitudes, they approached her having no idea she was anything other than the woman to see about gigging the club.  After a tearful reunion of anger and eventual forgiveness, Johnny and Joey were booked at Mike's for the next night.  Her mothering instincts in full throttle, Chantilly contacted record mogul Clive Schmavis, her ex-lover, and convinced him to come to Louisiana to see the boys perform.  After listening to "Red Dress" and "Funky World," watching the crowd respond like "nothing I have seen since the British Invasion of the '60's,"Schmavis signed the Precious Brothers on the spot, and the rest is about-to-be history!

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